Beyond the BHKs


With a background in civil engineering, and master's in interior and architectural design, EIC’s founder, Divyang Patel, has taken cues from India and Italy. Endowed in their creations across ceramics, glassware, furniture, and architecture. The focus is on a minimalistic approach to design but expansive in its grandeur, taking comprehensive inspiration from Ahmedabad’s undying heritage and style, blending Italian luxury with the city’s cultural roots.

Having worked in the city as an interior designer, the founder worked with Raveena Panchal’s The Art Container to introduce a wide variety of designs and patterns that did justice with variable décor styles. EIC now designs furniture design, spaces, new technology, lighting, identity, surfaces, and much more, imbuing modernity with contemporary culture in versatile shades.

Divyang utilized the lockdown period to focus on his skills as an interior designer, applying them to some parts of his modest 2 BHK homestead. The attempts had a single thread of thought that revolved around natural elements and maximum utility of every object. He founded the brand on the back of this philosophy that rests upon the optimal utilization of every nook, corner, and every inch of every space.

EIC took off with an enquiry for designing the interiors of a 5 BHK bungalow in June 2020, and since then, it has never looked behind anymore.

The Dynamics of Design

We Use for
the Win


Understanding clients' mindset about what they desire for their space and sharing opinions. We proceed accordingly with the value, idea, and definition of home/office.

Project Estimation

Finalizing the budget, initial parameters, and most importantly, predicting cost, time, and resources.


Showing the client our phase of inspirations and deciding the primary features to select and exclude. Like exchange of themes, space concepts, their lifestyle, and more.

Space Value

Our Primary focus is to implement is Maximum Space available > Minimal Materials ensconced.


Say "NO" to Pinterest & Downloads. We can't emphasize the significance of authentic ideas, something never seen before in your own space. Trust us and keep the pins aside.

Artisans Planning

More than just skilled laborers, they are our equivalent partners to invent and create. Their finesse and point of view are equally essential to commence a project.

Material Selection

The entire cost game can be managed with materials. Minimize costing with luxurious fabrics installed. Meeting our design goals is our purpose.

Wastage Approach

Centred on reducing our material from stone, cement, and wood to reusing our fabrics in the best possible way. Simply because nobody likes to spend on unutilized material.

Focal Point

Fundamentally, it's that space you enjoy being around the most. Being essential to us, it's the first place for the viewer's eye-grabbing the attention and emphasizing the rest of the design.

Revenue-Based Concepts

If your design purpose is to generate and increase daily revenue, ours is a concept to support the same vision.


Trust is what one invests while handling a project. Trust is always assured with clarity in invoices, sources, and, most importantly, responsibility.