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The soul aspirants of Every Inch Counts.

Every Inch Counts depends on a versatile team of designers who have embraced comprehensive genres and styles to define interior themes in a plethora of ways. Aided by visionary professionals who are experts in introducing new thematic elements in every space, the company is guided by collective foresight and creativity for meeting client requirements. Helmed by the dynamic Divyang Patel, the team includes the best architects and interior designers in the field, experienced in residential and commercial interior design, having worked for multiple spaces. The team utilizes their sharp aesthetic sense, keen eye into a color palette, and dynamic and technical know-how of architectural elements to present smart and trendy design choices for all kinds of spaces. Witness our innovation and creativity today!

Meet the Founder

Divyang Patel


A Storyteller first, A Designer later.

Divyang truly believes that every individual who invests in their space understands the value of each corner. For him, It's their hard-earned money and to justify its worth. That is how Every Inch counts, and Every Customer Counts.

"Connect, they say, Space Theory, I respond. Requirement & Functionality—listening, adapting, and creating a client's vision is significant. EIC team is all about that. My goal as a designer is to make things serve their purpose. Connect, Justification & Transparency is EIC. The client presents it; I envision it."

His aesthetics are modern yet timeless and minimal. With an emphasis on premium quality raw materials, he firmly believes that each project, however small or big, is priceless for the client. His style is inspired by a balance between Ahmedabad's heritage and his-Indian local travel journey, where he adapted every region's pattern of work, materials, cultural themes, and more, bringing a blend of both. He dreams of achieving at least one project in every state.


Team EIC

Introducing the main Force behind. Coming together, staying together, and most importantly, building spaces together. None of us can do anything that; all of us can do it together.

Naresh Chaudhary

Naresh Chaudhary

Quality Supervisor

6 Years Of Experience As Rcc Work Supervisor In Multi-Storey Buildings In Ahmedabad.

Naisargi Patel

Naisargi Patel

Interior Designer, 3d Model Maker

3 Years Of Experience In Interior Designing. Interior And Exterior Designs & Plan Renderings.

Naisargi Patel

Meenaxi Halai

Design Intern

Proficient in Design Planning Quick Learner , Details &
Art - Oriented